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Welcome to Foothills Preschool & Enrichment Center

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Our approach to early childhood education

We are committed to encouraging learning through fun, skills-based activities.  We believe that children learn best by exploring rich environments with guidance from experienced educators, not by being required to complete a series of tasks, regardless of how well intended.  Our lead and assistant teachers therefore act as facilitators as much as directors of activities.  Our experienced teaching staff view their positions as role models for children, as early learners process the world both by observing and by doing.  We believe that children can do so much with the right encouragement, but know that every child has their own pace, their own path, and their own curiosity.  We love teaching phonics and early math concepts to children, and yet we never forget that fostering creativity, critical thinking and emotional awareness are the most important gifts that we can give as our young learners start their educational journey.

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A look at our curriculum

Circle Time

We start our day by introducing new concepts in a group setting.  Be it colors and numbers or themes such as 'community' or 'sharing', we engage with stories, songs and interactive games.


Self-guided Activities

Children can choose among multiple centers – blocks, art, sensory table, literary corner, etc. – and use this time to explore, problem solve and socialize.


Music & Art

Our approach is ‘hands-on’ and ‘creative’.  Our projects include painting, pasting, collages, and more.  Our art is not everyone making the same thing, but everyone exploring their own ideas, even if it’s messy.  We introduce music and movement too.


Phonics, Reading & Writing

We start with story-telling, letter blocks and sound matching games.  We use proven curriculua such as Zoo Phonics and later Bob’s Books, a step by step program that adds variations to phonics as your child starts to become more fluent.  Children can do so much with the right guidance.  Our teachers are supportive as they prepare your child to enter kindergarten with confidence.


Show and Tell

A child-favorite activity, where we work on our confidence, speaking in front of people, and listening patiently.


Clean-up Time

It may take a bit longer than the teacher doing it, but children who practice cleaning up at school learn to respect their classroom and take pride in their education.  They may even start to clean up at home…

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Our Programs

We offer engaging, educational programs for Infants, Toddlers & Preschoolers and an After School enrichment program for Elementary School children. 

We are open Monday through Friday, from 7am to 6pm, and offer Half Day, Full Day and Extended Care options.

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Infants need unique care, the proper amount of exercise and stimulation.  Our caregivers will work with your feeding schedule, introduce 'tummy time' and hold, sing & play with your child.

Our Infant program is from six weeks old to walking (about one years old).


Toddlers are excited to explore their world, and we help with hands-on art projects, fun games and lots of outdoor time.  Our experienced teachers begin to introduce both familiar concepts like colors and animals as well as approachable themes like 'sharing' and 'apologizing'.

Our Toddler program is for Ones and Twos, or independently walking through potty training.

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Our preschool students are excited about 'big kid school'.  We help by teaching phonics, early reading and foundational math concepts.  We mainly have fun though, with art, dramatic play and even science projects.

Our Preschool Program starts for (mostly) potty-trained Threes through Fives.

After School

---     Coming Soon     ---

Is your local after-school program full?  Or are you looking for a program that lets children play, but then also has optional enrichment classes such as Spanish, Writing and STEM?


We are developing our After School Enrichment program for elementary school children.  Let us know if you are interested and we will keep you posted on start dates, schools we pick up from and other information.

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1442 East Chandler Blvd
Phoenix, AZ

(480) 283-1220

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